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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  January 24, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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witnessed on h your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. the search for a suspect who gunned down a college student. what the victim witnessed on the way to class. the new abuse allegations against san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi. and delays building at the bay bridge toll plaza. plus reports of a new accident. details in minutes. low clouds and fog this morning, and it's burning off giving way to warm temperatures. how warm? we'll tell you. good morning. tuesday, january 24th. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. it is 6 a.m. and we continue to follow some developing news. this out of san francisco. a tourist sexually assaulted near fisherman's wharf this morning. >> police say they got a call around 3:45 about a teenaged girl missing from her tour group and when they responded they found the girl being attacked by a man in the
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bushes. this happened at the north point near taylor. the victim and suspect were both taken to a nearby hospital. we have a crew on the way so we'll bring you more information as soon as we get it. in other news more developing news. an east bay college student shot to death in a car with his sister. gil diaz over in richmond with the latest on the police investigation. >> reporter: good morning. it happened just before 7:00 last night. the brother and sister in the car about to take off to contra costa college. unfortunately, they didn't make it there. the brother died at the scene. now, we atalking about the 2100 block of nevin avenue. we went there to check it out and found lit candles at the curbside. siblings were in the car when the car screeches from around the corner behind them from 22nd street heading west on nevin. a man was running after that moving car, firing at it. the man gave up the chase.
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he then turned towards the siblings in their car and shot them. the sister, in the driver's seat, then gunned it and rounded the corner to get away from the shooter. she parked the car in a nearby parking lot to find her brother had been killed. police haven't released the brother's name yet but we know he was 22 years old. as for the sister, she was not hurt. if anyone has any information, contact police. back to you. >> thank you, gil diaz in richmond. another woman has come forward saying she was abused by ross mirkarimi, as well. christina marie flores says she dated ross mirkarimi in 2007 and 2008. sunday, she went to san francisco police and filed her own report. she says she did it to show that mirkarimi's wife is not the only woman that he allegedly abused. she claimed he was verbally abusive during the relationship and one time she says he got physical. flores told cbs 5 that
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mirkarimi never punched or hit her but she says he was -- grabbed her arm and pushed her against the wall yelling and left a bruise on her arm. the mayor said he would like the sheriff to step aside until his trial is over. >> i know he is taking it seriously but as public officials, i rye pete that it's incumbent upon all of to us make sure that our premier responsibilities are to serve the public. >> the mayor says he hopes to meet personally with mirkarimi, the sheriff is due back in court on thursday hoping to get permission to see his wife and his young son theo once again. 6:03. a pair of senior care centers and preschool are quarantined in marin county after suspected narrow virus outbreak. 73 people have recently become sick at the aegis living centers at corte madera and san rafael. 16 people have also gotten sick
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at an unidentified preschool. the san rafael quarantine may be lifted today. new this morning an earthquake near clearlake. the u.s. geological survey just revised magnitude down to 3.8. originally they said it was 3.9. there are no reports damage or injuries from the quake that hit at 4:11 near the southeast end of clearlake. a little traffic and weather. we kick it off with traffic first. bay bridge toll plaza we are starting to see a backup in the cash lanes but no metering lights. fastrak looking good. sluggish up the incline no delays across the upper deck into san francisco. construction in effect on the lower deck of the bay bridge. antioch westbound 4 at willow pass just got word of an accident, two cars involved. no word yet if any lanes are blocked but chp is headed out to the scene. slow through antioch westbound as you work your way around somersville. better in pittsburg and no delays once you hit 80. altamont pass starting to stack
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up. seeing a few extra cars out there with a little bit more slowing as you work your way westbound from the altamont pass over to 680. we'll check mass transit next but first, here's elizabeth with better news. if you like dry weather put away the umbrellas. we have a relatively picture- perfect day over san francisco. you can see the embarcadero there. it is a little hazy in the distance so we have some low clouds we're dealing with this morning and maybe some areas of fog still especially in the north and east bay valleys but temperatures yeah, not too bad. 43 concord, san jose 53. temperatures are warmer than the past couple of days. so rain is north of the bay area. we are going to stay dry. high pressure is moving in and not budging for the next few days. so yeah, umbrellas will not be necessary through the end of the workweek. temperatures mostly in the upper 50s to low 60s. we should see some sunshine
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return by this afternoon expecting partly cloudy skies and temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s. by friday, saturday, temperatures above average reaching the upper 60s in some inland spots. we'll have much more weather coming up. back to you. >> thank you. 6:05. the pleasanton unified school district will likely decide tonight whether to deploy drug- sniffing dogs on the campus. over the past few years drug and alcohol suspensions have increased at three high school especially foothill high and now they propose to use dogs for searching the parking lots and physical ed locker courtrooms. secret no more. mitt romney comes clean with his tax returns. and how he is trying to turn the table on his rivals. the race to stop millions
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of gallons of oil to stop the leak from the capsized italian cruise ship. when they were digging, i was look oh, this is good. >> we got you. you're good. >> we got his head! a man nearly buried alive in an avalanche. the heart stopping rescue caught on camera.
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he is expected to call for higher taxes on the wealthy and offer his plans for the housin president obama gives his state of the union address tonight expected to call for higher taxes on the rich and offer his plans for the housing crisis and for unemployment. this will be the president's third state of the union address. and you can watch it tonight at 6:00 right here on cbs 5. it will be followed by a special edition of cbs 5 eyewitness news at 7:30. meanwhile, the republican candidates are running for president clark in a debate in tampa, florida with finances as the hot topic last night. this morning, mitt romney released tax returns for 2010 and estimated returns for 2011. they show he made more than $40 million over the past two years. in 2010 he paid a tax rate of 14% since most of his money
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came from investments. last night romney attacked newt gingrich's work for freddie mac. >> freddie mac was paying speaker gingrich $1.6 million at the same time freddie mac was costing the people of florida millions upon millions of dollars. >> gingrich did not dispute the dollar amount but he said he has never done any lobbying on behalf of his clients. it will probably be saturday before they start pumping fuel off that grounded cruise ship in italy. today a large platform with a crane and other equipment is on the scene. it is the first step in removing a half million gallons of fuel from the ship. meanwhile, divers today recovered the body of a 15th victim from the ship, 17 still missing. they are talented and it's taking us to a place where most of us will never go. the young local musicians crossing into political borders that we can't go to. we'll tell you where they go. >> boulders come crashing down a san francisco hillside. look at this. the close call for neighbors and what crews are saying about
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the area's safety this morning. and high pressure brings dry skies and there's a lot of high pressure over the next couple of days. will we see rain in our seven- day forecast? we'll tell you after the break.
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back now at 6:14. get you updated on some of the top stories on this tuesday. we're told a female tourist separated from her group was sexually assaulted near
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fisherman's wharf this morning. video just into the newsroom. the 15-year-old girl rescued by police, who they were looking for that missing girl. both the suspect and the teen were taken to the hospital. we'll have much more coming up shortly. a contra costa college student was shot and killed in richmond as he sat in a car with his sister. police say the gunman suddenly opened fire on them. the sister was not injured. and a 10 hour public viewing is being held tonight for penn state coach joe paterno who died sunday at the age of 85. a funeral is set for tomorrow and there will be a public memorial service on thursday. now to traffic. >> thank you, frank. good morning, you know, new metering lights have been turned on just a few minutes ago in the south bay. caltrans is using them to ease congestion in the area. this will control two on-ramps to westbound 237. they are located in milpitas at calaveras boulevard and mccarthy boulevard. the lights are on green since last tuesday but today just about 15 minutes ago they have
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added the red lights. the ramps will be metered monday through friday morning between 6 and 10 so plan for that for your morning commute. elsewhere we have some delays to report for mass transit. capitol corridor train 518 is about 22 minutes late because of track work between martinez and suisun. elsewhere on 205 or planning to take it from the altamont pass this morning, we have an injury accident blocking lanes at mountain house parkway so towards tracy this morning, heads up. traffic is slow through there. westbound we are seeing delays through the altamont pass. 18 minutes now to go from the altamont pass to the dublin interchange. a little sluggish approaching the dublin interchange. elsewhere we have an accident in concord westbound 4 at willow pass no word if lanes are blocked. chp just arriving on scene. we are still seeing green on our sensors in the area so that indicates it's most likely over to the right shoulder. heading through antioch, speeds under 25 miles per hour now as you work your way westbound so
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give yourself some extra time. also, metering lights still off at the bay bridge. but we are seeing a bit of a backup into the cash lanes there. fastrak looking good. once you get past the incline, traffic looks good across the upper deck into san francisco. lower deck no major snags. we have some early-morning roadwork but looks like that's been wrapped up. roadwork gets under way at 7:00 this morning. golden gate bridge is one of our nice spots this morning. we have had no delays out of marin county. no roadwork. clear into san francisco. no delays on surface streets in san francisco. that's traffic. elizabeth? >> thanks, gianna. well, weather has been busy for the past few days. now we are akind of quieting things down. low clouds and fog out the door. 40s inland, upper 40s at the coast and bay. cloudy start especially in the north and east bay valleys. there is a fog advisory in the central valley this morning. all that fog is going to burn
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off this afternoon bringing us partly cloudy skies kind of a mix of sun and clouds and temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s. so definitely milder day across the bay area. high pressure is the nam of the game is building. it's a flat ridge so it's bringing us some high clouds. even through the afternoon, we are staying dry. the low it is not coming anywhere near the bay area. so pinpoint forecast for later on today, temperatures mostly upper 50s to low 60s. 62 in mountain view. 60 san mateo. 56 in pacifica. east bay numbers once again you can see these temperatures are more mild today than yesterday. 59 walnut creek. 60 danville and san ramon and a similar story in the north bay, 60 in sonoma. the biggest change is just that we're not changing. we're staying dry and mild for the next several days through the workweek. today and wednesday, we're look at partly cloudy skies and then
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saturday, sunday those temperatures are getting above average for this time of the year reaching near 67 degrees on saturday inland under mostly sunny skies. the only thing we could be dealing with is a little bit of morning and night fog especially tule fog because the ground is still wet so other than that we have some dry weather over the next several days on into the weekend. back to you. >> thank you. this morning, engineers and geologists are taking another look at the stability of a hillside in san francisco. several huge boulders crushed a parked car yesterday morning. this is near the intersection of lombard and montgomery on telegraph hill. some of the people living in nearby condos were evacuated for a few hours for their safety. and tenants in all but one condo unit have been allowed to return. it's unclear if the city or property owners should have been maintaining the hillside. an intense rescue in the snow caught on camera up in washington state. friends quickly saving a snowmobiler caught in an
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avalanche way up top there. the snow is going to break loose and just a matter of seconds that man is buried alive on top of the snowmobile. his friends saw it and saw right where he got buried and they got him out. carlos! >> they knew where i went if the snow and that was the saving grace is knowing exactly where i went in the snow and they started digging that area. >> he was stuck for a while though. once they got his head out of the snow, of course, he was mighty relieved. everyone got out safely but a big scare for that man to be sure. >> can you imagine? >> no. >> 6:20. a lot of us get our morning buzz at starbucks. the new menu strategy they have now to help you wind down. >> might be a buzz there, too. >> from "the iron lady" to a war horse, the oscar nominees announced in l.a. we have the front-runners and some surprises too. it's coming up. stay right there.
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welcome back. 6:23. this morning oakland international airport will be announcing expanded service from an airline but airport officials are not saying in advance which airline is involved. they say there will be more than half a dozen new destinations and that will mean more jobs at the airport. later this week a yoga room will open at san francisco international airport. the room is in terminal 2 the new one. after departing passengers pass through security you can check it out. it is designed to give people a
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chance to relax and enjoy a zen- like experience away from the airport's hustle and bustle. so that's why it's after security. there are a group of talented local high school students looking to broaden their horizon going to cuba. it's been off limits to most americans since the late 1950s. the berkeley high jazz group will spend 8 days in havana learning about cuban music and the culture. >> we are going to get to meet with cuban high school students and play alongside them. >> the group is being allowed to go to cuba on a cultural exchange program. the trip won't be cheap. the cost per student over $3,000. but what a trip they will be on. busy morning down in hollywood. oscar nominations just out. the movie hugo leading the pack, 11 nominations including
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best picture. >> also best picture the artist, the descendants, extremely loud and incredibly close got a little bit of clapping there, the help also on the list, midnight in paris, "moneyball," the tree of life and war horse. >> that's nine pictures. in the best actor category: life". gary oldman for "tinker tailor soldier spy". and l." in the best actor category: r "albert viola davis, in "the help". "the girl with the best actress category: billy crystal. >> that's 18 now for meryl streep? the oscars will be presented february 26 at the kodak theater in l.a. and the host is billy crystal.
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>> i guess eddie murphy said he couldn't do it. more than a caffeine buzz at starbucks. they are planning to sell beer and wine at some locations to drum up business when it's slow in the afternoon and evening hours. the coffee store chain will sell beer and assorted wines in as many as 25 selected locations by the end of the year. that will include stores in atlanta, chicago and southern california. >> you get latte and then a beer? >> you go this way and then that way. 6:26. a growing problem at some bay area schools. why one district may bring k-9s on campus. >> more trouble for san francisco's sheriff. damaging claims from an ex- girlfriend. we'll tell you what coming up. a tragedy in richmond this morning a brother and sister sitting in the car about to head to class when someone starts shooting at them. one of them is killed. we'll tell you what led up to that shooting in the first
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place coming up. san francisco police are investigating a case involving a teen who was reported missing overnight. we'll tell you what happened when we come back. ,,,,
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and i'm grace le good morning. it's tuesday, january 24. i'm frank mallicoat.
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>> i'm grace lee. it is 6:29. a teenaged tourist separated from her group is assaulted in san francisco overnight. police are telling us that this happened just a few hours ago near fisherman's wharf. lisa washington is there with the very latest on this investigation. lisa? >> reporter: that's right, frank and grace. in fact, let me move out of the way. they are collecting evidence in the case. here's what we know. san francisco police received a call around 2:30 a.m. for a missing teen. we received reports that missing teen was a 15-year-old girl, a tourist who got separated from her group and was attacked by a man. we understand that both the teenager and the suspect were both injured and are being treated at a local hospital. again, you can see the crime scene investigators are work now. this is the long -- crime scene investigators are working now. this is the longshoreman hall
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where the longshoreman come for their assignments each day. did i speak with one of the police officers on the -- i did speak with one of the police officers on the scene who said it didn't have anything to do with the longshoreman, just happened in the area. the reports are that a 15-year- old girl, a tourist, got separated from her group and was attacked, raped by a man and is being treated at a local hospital. so we'll stay on the scene and get more information. >> we understand, the police were looking for girl and actually came upon the assault in progress? is that the case? >> reporter: well, we haven't been able to confirm that just yet but we have gotten some reports that a police officer just happened to be in the scene saw suspicious activity stopped and that's when he found the girl and the suspect both of whom were injured and are being treated at a local hospital. >> boy, if that's the case, very lucky girl to be sure. >> reporter: yes. >> okay, lisa washington thank you, in san francisco. in the east bay a search for a killer is going on this
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morning. a college student shot to death while sitting in a car with his sister. gil diaz is in richmond following the very latest developments there. >> reporter: good morning. we are still waiting for more details from police. they haven't even released the brother's name only to say that he was 22. here's what else we know so far. it happened in the 2100 block of nevin avenue in an area known as the iron triangle just before 7:00 last night. we went to the scene this morning to check it out and found lit candles by the curb already. the siblings were sitting in their car about to head to contra costa college when they heard a car screeching from behind them turning around the corner. a man was even running after that moving car shooting at it. the man then gave up the chase and turned toward the siblings in the car and started shooting at them. the sister sped away.
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it was too late. her brother was shot and killed. the sister was not hurt. the police are still looking for the shooter. so if anyone has any information about what happened last night, please contact police. >> thank you. another woman said she was abused by ross mirkarimi. the southern california woman says that she dated mirkarimi in 2007 and 2008. sunday, she went to san francisco police to file a report against the san francisco sheriff claiming that mirkarimi was verbally abusive during their relationship. she said one time he got physical. christina marie flores says mirkarimi never punched or hit her but does say that he grabbed her arm and pushed her against a wall yelling at her. she says that left a bruise on her arm. flores says she within the to police to let them know mirkarimi's wife isn't the only woman he allegedly abused.
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tensions between 49ers and new york giants fans turned violent in san jose after the 9ers lost. fans captured a street brawl downtown showing a group of men in 9ers jerseys punching, kicking, knocking others to the ground. they had been watching the game at 4th street pizza. by the time the police arrived, crowd dispersed. future of the stadium in the santa clara for the 49ers will be in court. opponents have been collecting signatures and now they have enough to put the issue back before santa clara city voters. but the san jose "mercury news" reports the santa clara stadium authority is now ready to block that referendum saying the people have already voted. a 3.9 earthquake woke up clearlake residents this morning. a viewer said it felt like the big one. we just checked the usgs website. more than 100 people reported
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feeling it. it happened around 4:11 followed by a smaller aftershock. it is 6:34 now. here's gianna with a look at your "timesaver traffic." >> we are starting to get busy out there. they have just turned on the metering lights at the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see in our live shot here that traffic is starting to stack up back to the caltrans parking lot at this point also slight delays off the eastshore freeway. most of mass transit is on time except the capitol corridor. delays for train 518, 22 minutes between martinez and suisun so plan for that. 92 extra volume between 880 and 101 and a broken-down big rig westbound 92 blocking lanes right as you connect to 35. so expect delays there. that's traffic. here's elizabeth. >> thank you. well, it looks like we're off to a dry commute. now, we are dealing with a few low clouds and fog. we just checked in with the folks at sfo. there are delays on arrivals. so if you are picking someone up at the airport low ceiling
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so 45 minutes delays at the airport on arrivals. temperatures outside not ability to. that fog and the low clouds keeping a blanket over the bay area so temperatures are on the more mild side today than we have seen the past few days. temperatures mostly in the 40s. a couple 50s in the south bay. for the most part we are dry today. high pressure is the name of the game. you see these rain showers? they're all staying north of the bay area. so it looks like we are staying dry for the next several days. but you may have noticed it may have rained a little in the past few days so these are your rainfall totals for the season. since about july of last year, we are still below average for this time of the year. but it did make a dent in the numbers. you will see we're 49% of normal in san francisco. about a third of normal in san jose. so is there more rain in our seven-day forecast? we'll tell you coming up. a school board in pleasanton will likely decide tonight whether to deploy drug- sniffing dogs on their campus. over the past four years, drug and alcohol suspensions have
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increased at three of the high schools especially at foothill high school and now there is a proposal to use dogs for random searches of the parking lots and the physical education look rooms at the school. three other districts in the east bay use dogs for that purpose with good results. oakland may not have to lay off as many people as they previously thought. city leaders propose to hand out just over 100 pink slips and consolidate several departments in an effort to fill the $28 million budget gap following the loss of redevelopment funding from the state. the mayor will present her plan to the city council tomorrow. that's at a special meeting. san jose city leaders may vote today to cut their own pensions to save money. a committee recently approved a proposal to eliminate pension plans for the mayor and city council. pensions have been a hot button issue in budget talks. costs have ballooned into the hundreds of millions of dollars. coming up, mitt romney's
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tax returns. they were just released. the criticism he is already facing. >> and the way we watch tv is about to change. we'll check in with brian cooley from cnet about the new trend for 2012. and the market just opened. the early numbers, down a little yesterday after a nice ride last week and looks like we may go two for two on the downside. maybe not. still have time. we'll check in with kcbs moneywatch reporter jason brooks when we come back.
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minimum wage. k-c-b-s radio's matt bigler is on the
6:41 am
phone effort. in san jose, there's been a push to increase the minimum wage there. matt bigler is on the phone with details on that effort. good morning. >> good morning. yeah. this is a pretty interesting story coming out of san jose state. students are launching an all- out effort to raise the city's minimum wage by 25% to $10 an hour up from the current $8 mandated by the state. this all started when students in the social action class found out that the city's minimum wage of $8 was lower than the neighboring states of oregon, washington and nevada. so they went to work, doing research, paying for a public opinion p.m. and now they are kicking off a signature-gathering campaign here to put in an initiative on the november ballot. they have submitted the necessary paperwork at city hall and they are planning to launch this in a couple of weeks. they have 180 days to collect nearly 20,000 valid signatures. now, raising the minimum wage
6:42 am
is controversial opposed by local businesses who see it as a job killer. san jose does have a living wage of $13.59 an hour for businesses that are contracted to do work for the city. san francisco's minimum wage is $1 to in24 an hour, the highest in the country do -- san francisco's minimum wage is $10.24 an hour, the highest in the country. >> thank you. president obama will give the state of the union address. the speech will be attended by congresswoman gabrielle giffords who is resigning from her office to concentrate on a recovery from last year' shooting. she will be present tonight. you can see the entire state of the union address tonight at 6:00 on cbs 5 followed by a special edition of cbs 5 eyewitness news at 7:30. we're always on check it out. the republican candidates
6:43 am
running for president clashed in a debate in tampa, florida. finances is the hot topic. this morning, mitt romney released tax returns for 2010 and estimated returns for 2011 showing he made more than $40 million in the past two years. in 2010 he paid a tax rate of 14% since most of his money came from investments. billionaire warren buffett told bloomberg television today that the low rate that romney paid really reflects more poorly on lawmakers in congress than on romney himself. he is just following the rules. last night romney tried to shift attention to newt gingrich's work for freddie mac. >> freddie mac was paying speaker gingrich $1.6 million at the same time freddie mac was costing the people of florida millions upon millions of dollars. >> gingrich did not dispute that dollar amount that he is talking about but he did say that he has never done any lobbying on behalf of clients. and he maintains that.
6:44 am
let's go live right now to okeechobee, florida. there you can see rick santorum a live shot with a meet and greet at a recreation center. >> okeechobee. >> okeechobee. how about traffic, gianna? >> all right. let's head over to the south bay. we have reports of a brand-new accident with injuries. a tree -- a vehicle went down the embankment hit a tree. injuries reported at mt. hamilton road east of quimby. looking good through downtown san jose but extra cars on the road there. along 880/237, traffic good. a little sluggish from zanker -- check that out. looks like it's busier. not too bad just a couple of minutes ago but starting to stack up. delays around zanker, as well. so that may slow you down a bit. also keep in mind on 237 there are new metering lights that
6:45 am
are in effect today. looks like for calaveras and mccarthy so that may slow you down, as well. speaking of delays, westbound bay bridge metering lights are on. you're backed up to the 880 overpass, no delays into san francisco. san mateo bridge continues to be one of our bright spots. no wind advisories. extra volume from 880 to 101, still moving at nice speeds. west not too bad your marin county commute looking good. southbound 101 clear out of marin county towards the golden gate bridge toll plaza. mass transit for the most part is on time but capitol corridor is running about 22 minutes behind for training number 518 so plan for that. that's a look at traffic. here's elizabeth. >> thank you. out the door this morning, you may see it's foggy. we have a few low clouds and high clouds and all kinds of clouds this morning. so no rain in our forecast. so that's what we're dealing
6:46 am
with. that low ceiling we're hearing about delays on arrivals at sfo about 45 minutes. so mostly cloudy out the door all across the coast, bay and inland. temperatures in the 40s. low to upper 40s across the bay area. by this afternoon, we are going to warm things up by a few degrees from yesterday. so definitely milder and the sunshine should make a comeback, as well. we are expecting partly cloudy skies, temperatures going to reach the low 60s in some of our inland spots. so yeah, high pressure is building. it's growing. and it's not going anywhere through the end of the workweek. the low is not getting near the bay area. we have rain showers north of the bay area but for now we are staying dry and once this valley fog in the morning burns off, should be a pretty nice day. pinpoint forecast for later on today, temperatures mostly in the upper 50s to low 60s. you see 62 in mountain view, 59 out in fremont. same thing for your east bay numbers. 58 in pittsburg, antioch, brentwood and north bay numbers, let's see, mostly in the upper 50s.
6:47 am
59 in san rafael and novato. we are staying high and dry the next couple of days. high pressure is not going anywhere. tuesday or wednesday, partly cloudy skies. and then check out friday, saturday, sunday. some of these temperatures are above average for this time of year. we are soaring towards the upper 60s in some of our inland spots. so the only thing we may have to deal with is a little bit of morning and night valley fog, tule fog because the ground is still wet. other than that a nice week shaping up. that's traffic and weather. back to you. >> no complaints. federal reserve begins a two-day meeting in washington, d.c. today. it's the first time fed members will offer their individual views and projections for interest rates and the economy all part of the central bank's plan to be more transparent to the investors. six-figure income fairly common in the south bay. here's jason brooks with kcbs and to tell us why. i think i know why but take it away. >> reporter: fairly obvious. we had a lot of successful tech
6:48 am
companies in the silicon valley and all the talent wars over the past year especially in social media with facebook, of course, leading the charge there and other companies like twitter and linkedin and zynga also fueling the hiring boom and really lifted salaries up. dies holding which is a tech jobs website, says average tech salaries in the silicon valley were up 5.2% in 2011 to $104,000. the first time crossing $100,000 since they started that survey 10 years ago. now, that compares it a nationwide average tech average salary gain of 2% to $81,000. also, many more job postings here on the website in the silicon valley an increase right now of 26% over a year ago compared to an 11% gain for nationwide tech job postings. stock market off tie negative start this morning. greece a big reason for that. there are more problems coming out of there trying to get an agreement between private bondholders and how much loss they can take on their greek
6:49 am
death holding. so the market is down. apple and yahoo report after the closing bell. apple expecting another blockbuster quarter and subdued expectations for yahoo because of recent troubles. polycom out of pleasanton, a video conferencing company did well beating on earnings and revenue and also virtualization specialists in palo alto posting good numbers. the dow lower now by 78 points. nasdaq down by 13. s&p is off by 8. polycom right now up by 14%. thank you. remember what our world was like before netflix came along? hard to, right? there's going to be some bigger changes in tv and the way we look at films. we have cnet editor-at-large brian cooley tracking trends for 2012. so netflix still the big story? >> reporter: they have earnings coming out tomorrow and people will look for three things.
6:50 am
how are their subscribers doing? they got in hot water for bungling the message with the disks and streaming and increased prices. secondly what is the cost of their acquiring films? because hollywood wants more money. third are they distracted by expanding overseas too much? a lot of stock analysts think they are wasting too much time on that. that will be big tomorrow. but what's supplanting that is red box the kiosks in the stores. >> i have never used them. there are always people around them. >> reporter: they are huge. they have 34,000 locations and we saw a note yesterday that indicates they are apparently the most popular place to rent dvds not netflix or blockbuster. they have taken over 1/3 of the mark like 38% of the dvd rental market which kind of came out of nowhere. but it's a dollar as you see there on the screen. rent it for a buck. it's due back the next night. most folks are already at the store and they are thinking oh, yeah while i'm here let's get a dvd so convenience and cheap really work. >> you have to get food so you may as well get a movie at the
6:51 am
same time. >> it goes together nicely. another interesting report yesterday that shows that something on the order of 1/3rd of all video rent it's last year were either done by screaming or cable on demand. not with -- by streaming or cable on demand, not with cable or dix. so a lot of things are happening. they are changing how we watch dvds and how we are going to stop watching dvds. >> so dvds could get way of cds? >> we have seen reports recently how in five years ago most cars won't have a cd player coming stock from the factory. >> remember cassette tapes? >> i have them. don't say remember. still use them. low tech is fun. nothing wrong with that. >> just surprised because you're the tech guy. thank you, cnet editor-at-large brian cooley. who knew, frank. >> i bet you had an 8 track at one time. >> had? have! i love vintage tech. it's all part of the continuum. no reason to throw anything out. >> it's a classic. we continue to follow that developing news here in san
6:52 am
francisco. a teenaged tourist attacked near fisherman's wharf. we'll have another life update coming up when we come back. stay right there. i'm erica hill. coming up, walter isaacson is here the last man to interview steve jobs. plus the oscar nominations in a way you won't see anywhere else live coming up on "cbs this morning."
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6:55 am
police are telling us about a developing story that a teenage tourist has been assaulted near fisherman's wharf this morning. lisa washington is in san francisco to explain that it's happened apparently when the girl was separated from her group. lisa. >> reporter: that's right, grace. we were at north point street and mason here in the city where crime scene investigators are still on the scene near the longshoreman's hall. you can see a number of crime scene markers of evidence actually they are collecting behind these bushes. now, we do know that around 2:30 this morning, san francisco police got a call for a missing teen. we understand that teen is a 15- year-old girl a tourist from another country separated from her group, sexually assaulted and attacked by a man. police found the victim and suspect both injured and are being treated at a local hospital. we are on the scene trying to get more information. we'll get it to you as soon as
6:56 am
it is available. >> do we have any idea if the victim actually knew the person who allegedly assaulted her? >> reporter: we don't know that but all indications, grace are that she did not know this suspects. >> thank you,. the search is on for a killer this morning also a contra costa college student shot and killed in a car sitting next to his sister at 22nd and second street at nevin last night. the 22-year-old man and his sister were sitting in a park car when another man flew by. another man was on foot chasing that car shooting. as the car sped away, the gunman fired into the victim's car. the brother was killed. the sister was not injured. 73 people have recently become sick from marvin from
6:57 am
narrow advice at ee judge living center at corte madera and san rafael. the quarantine at the san rafael senior facility could be lifted today. if you are heading out on this tuesday morning, it's getting busy. >> just check in with chp on a vehicle fire southbound 880 on eastbound stevenson boulevard off-ramp. that vehicle is fully engulf so it's not on the main lines of 880 but will cause a visual distraction depending how close it is to the freeway based on where that off-ramp is. chp and fire crews headed to the scene. bay bridge toll plaza backed up, as well. southbound at 101 at lucas valley, an accident. 880/237 connector already starting to stack up this morning delays through milpitas. also new metering lights were turned on at 6:00 on westbound 237 at the calaveras and mccarthy off-ramps. rest of the south bay not too bad but extra volume on northbound 280 through downtown
6:58 am
san jose. we have another accident to report south 680 at alcosta boulevard on the right shoulder. a bit of a backup 580 towards the dublin interchange. westbound highway 4 continues to be slow and go through antioch, typical stuff there. san mateo bridge holding steady not too bad as you work your way through here in both directions and clear along 101. that's your "timesaver traffic." here's elizabeth. >> thank you. well, i think this beautiful picture of san francisco's embarcadero really tells the weather story. it is dry, number one. that's our biggest difference today from yesterday and there's a lot of clouds in the sky a mix of high and low clouds as well as fog in the north and east bay valleys. dense fog advisory in the central centrally. temperatures in the 40s, a few 50s out there. check out san jose coming in at 50 degrees. 42 in concord and 49 out in oakland. so climbing up to the low 60s in a lot of spots across the south bay by later on this afternoon expecting partly cloudy skies. the fog is going to burn off. livermore coming in at 60.
6:59 am
we have antioch coming in at 58 degrees. and again mostly upper 50s to low 60s across the central bay and coast. so your seven-day forecast looks something like this. not a raindrop in sight. high pressure is the name of the game through saturday. temperatures are definitely above average. >> we needed rain but it's nice to have dry weather, too. ever feel like a work meeting is just draining your brain? >> apparently meetings make you dumber because scientists in virginia matched groups according to iq and they ranked performance on cognitive tasks so when group members were told how others had performed, there was a dramatic drop in the ability of some people to solve problems. >> basically, that implies that feeling like you're not as smart as others may actually have an impact on your brain. >> i got a cool shot out of a high school baseball game out of illinois. take a look. that is so


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